Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction
Find out how business can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and still maximise profits. Understand how climate change policy affects your business, get the low-down on carbon credits, offsetting and carbon footprinting.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme
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The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme is a UK wide, mandatory scheme, which covers 10 per cent of UK emissions. Launched in April 2010, it was recently simplified under consultation. Responses to the consultation have been met with concerns by business groups, who still doubt the schemes’ ability to create effective change.

Cutting CO2 emissions and costs with carbon footprinting
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Are you spending too much on energy? Do you dread tax increases on fuel? Are you concerned about government emissions regulation? By measuring your company’s carbon footprint you can take action to limit your exposure to rising fuel prices, reduce your energy bills and learn what you need to do to comply with environmental legislation.

Understanding Carbon Offsetting
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Carbon offsetting is one way for businesses to try to reduce their CO2 emissions, while at the same time enhancing their business image amongst an increasingly environmentally aware customer base. However, there are still significant pitfalls in the offsetting industry and businesses should be aware that offsetting will not provide a quick fix for the emissions problem.

Understanding carbon credits

A system of tradable ‘carbon credits’ – permits to pollute issued to industry –- is one of the most promising mechanisms for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. But the ‘cap’ – the total number of credits issued – must be tight if it is to achieve its objectives and drive down emissions.

Seven steps to a sustainable business

It is time to act on sustainability in your business – the case is getting stronger all the time and the costs of acting too late are also rising. Climate Action provides you with a seven-step guide to implementing a sustainability strategy in your organisation.