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CSR does benefit your business, says research

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Get a grant or funding to help your business reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Many types of loans and grants are available, either through the EU or privately. Climate Action is developing our funding database. To add a grant or fund contact: Laura Middleton

EU Cleantech Funds for business

Within the EU, the need to switch to sustainable economies has created varied financing mechanisms for clean energy projects of all sizes, from small business to national transport, offering huge incentives for those businesses who are looking to invest in clean technology Climate Action looks at who can benefit from EU Cleantech funds and how.

Enhanced Capital Allowance: who can benefit?
Finance/insurance, Europe

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) are a straightforward way for a business to improve its cash flow through tax brakes. Benefiting companies of all sizes, the scheme offers ways to claim back the money a business invests in low-carbon technologies helping it go someway towards energy efficiency targets. Read more…

The Green Deal: what it means for business
Energy, Finance/insurance, Europe

Under the Energy Bill 2010, the Coalition Government announced the formation of the Green Deal. Available from Autumn 2012, the deal will allow households to get energy efficiency measures installed in their homes, without paying money upfront. But what shape will the Green Deal come in? And what will it mean for your business?

Options for funding water consumption improvements

Current levels of water consumption are unsustainable and environmentally damaging. To combat this, several resources are now available offering funding to businesses to install energy efficient technology to reduce water consumption