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Sustainable Procurement
Read our guide to Sustainable Procurement. Find out how spending and investment in goods, services and utilities will maximise business success, environmental efficiency and your business’ green credentials.

Green procurement in business: local stewardship
Finance/insurance, Europe

Green procurement in business has responded to pressure to protect local environments and economies from the effects of their products. This has taken many forms inclduing focusing on local supply chains and local jobs, extending their product stewardship, encouraging manufacturers to design environmentally friendly products and resource conservation, reducing the energy and resources in creating a product. These options can boost bottom line for businesses, promoting cost-reduction and sustainability.

Efficiency gains through sustainable procurement
Finance/insurance, Europe

Within sustainable procurement, efficiency gains are both a signifier of business success and a means with which to obtain corporate sustainability. However, they also play a vital role in complying with governmental legislation and the regulation of corporate carbon emissions.

EU regulations governing tenderers and suppliers for regeneration projects
Finance/insurance, Europe, Legislation, Sustainability

EU-wide policies regulate sustainable urban planning procurement for energy efficient architecture and renewable utilities. Find out the basics of the transparency, procurement and tendering regulations for sustainable development projects.

Effective supplier relations within sustainable procurement
Finance/insurance, Legislation, Sustainability

Strong supplier relations are central to the sustainability of procurement policy. The benefits of supplier relations pertain not only to an increased level of corporate and supply chain efficiency, but also to enhanced compliance with governmental legislation established to regulate sustainable procurement and development.

Corporate social responsibility in sustainable procurement
Finance/insurance, Europe

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a constant undercurrent in any modern business. Every successful company embeds CSR into their practices. In procurement, businesses that ensure the sustainability of material and supply chains will benefit not only from environmental and financial advantages but also from compliance with government legislation